Accounting Virtual Data Room with Continuous Audit Support

Digital processes make a significant contribution to securing company values. Data rooms, in particular, can become efficiency drivers in accounting – from service to document and warehouse management.

Data room software in accounting: how to use it?

Digitization is revolutionizing our economy. Everything is networked. It leads to enormous acceleration, new business models, and new customer expectations. In short, digitization fundamentally changes our working environment to make most business operations automated. Automation tools facilitate development and help model the current situation in the business, manage, control, and quickly make changes.

The primary tool in the automation of the accounting sphere is a virtual data room for business process management. It is a corporate information system category that allows you to automate management processes effectively. In addition, this tool helps the organization to be flexible and quickly adapt to market changes.

A cloud-based data room stores all data on a rented server. Access can be established via an Internet connection. This solution makes renting storage space or servers for a monthly or annual fee. It includes all updates and maintenance of the server and data. One of the main tasks of the data room software is to improve the quality of customer service. Business automation allows managers to eliminate routine tasks and enhance each transaction and operational analytics control. We can say that the data room creates a unique ecosystem within enterprises, thanks to which employees work more productively without being distracted by unnecessary things.

Combining cost-transparent and effective storage methods in the cloud and digital document management is an essential requirement for future-proof work. In addition, a wide variety of security settings ensure that your company data is protected as best as possible. Individual access authorizations can be set up quickly and easily.

Continuous audit support in a virtual data room

In finance and accounting, it is essential to have the right audit at the right time. Be it the preparation for the annual financial statements, the effects of new electronic processes, or some commercial and tax law changes to be implemented.

Audit reviews are the most critical elements when selling a company or acquiring a stake. Well-founded know-how is required for a systematic analysis of the risks associated with a transaction and a reliable property valuation.

Data room solutions ensure fast processes and enable an overview of all documents and their current status. They ensure that all data is stored and managed centrally in a digital archive. They can be called up from there, i.e., when on the go or from the home office. Data rooms cover the entire “life cycle” of documents, from acquisition and processing to GDPR-compliant removal of them from the system. Standardized workflows guide the documents along the predefined path through all stations.

The accounting data room ensures the following benefits:

  • Reduced throughput times for documents;
  • The authenticity of the documents is ensured;
  • All documents are archived in an audit-proof manner;
  • Installation is quick and easy; the investment costs are low;
  • Standardized workflows ensure transparency;
  • Increased security and data protection through user regulation.

In addition, thanks to its modular structure and diverse interfaces, the data room can be easily adapted to any industry. The software grows with the user’s requirements, provides all essential functions out-of-the-box, and is tailored precisely to the needs of medium-sized companies in terms of scope and price.